January 20, 2006

New Loans Available

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Just a note to let you know that there are new loans available and more programs on the way for financing property in Mexico. These loans are for Americans, Canadians and Mexicans. Check out my web site under financing for info or contact me and I will have the loan specialist contact you to answer your questions. http://osmx.com

When buying property in Mexico or anywhere in the world be sure that you hire a real estate professional to assist you with your purchase. Hire a REALTOR or in Mexico and AMPI member.



January 7, 2006

January Newsletter

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This update is a little later than usual. It appears that the original newsletter I thought I had sent a few days ago went out into computer never never land.

There were a few tourists in town over the holidays with the cruise ships and the bus tours. Most government agencies, schools etc. were closed and most should be back to their regular schedule by the 15th.

The government buildings all had very nice Christmas decorations this year.

For those of you that have property here it is time to pay the property taxes.

Construction is moving along on the commercial building across from Soriana’s at Plaza La Paz. The One Price store is open already. The home developers are back to work after the holidays and there are a couple new locations that will have gated secure areas. One is about a block from the water. (No View of the bay) There are five lots remaining and the home plans run from about $150,000 to $180,000. The same developer is building 10 homes in a prestige area. These will be in a secure area also.

We finally have home loans available here for American buyers that have good credit. If interested in home loans let me know and I will put you in contact with the loan department.

Check out the rest of the web site for information and links to information about buying property and living in Mexico. On the LINKS page click onto the Baja Insider link for a lot of info about the La Paz and Cabo area of Baja California Sur.

That is about all the news for this month. We should have more activities to report on next month now that the holidays are behind us.



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