February 1, 2006


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Not a lot new this past month.  The government agencies are all back to work.  All the early birds that paid their property taxes in December and January received a 30% discount. You get a lesser discount for paying in February.

The weather has been cool and windy the last week or so.  We even got a little rain one day last week.

The construction projects are still moving along.  The One Price Store across from Soriana’s  is open and construction is nearing completion on the other buildings in the project.

People are slowly finding out that financing is now available for Americans buying property in Mexico.  We are starting to get requests for loan information.  If you are considering a loan on your home purchase in Mexico check out my web site under financing.  http://osmx.com

The new beach front home in El Comitan at the South end of the bay is nearly finished and is on the market for $1,200,000.  The owners will consider reasonable offers and financing is available.

My web site has been updated after 10 years of minor modifications.  I hope that you will find it more user friendly and easier to navigate.  Check it out, lots of information on buying property and living in Mexico.  The links page has all kinds of information links.  http://osmx.com

Enjoy Ground Hogs Day activities and the Presidents Day holiday this month.