May 4, 2006

Posted in Newsletter at 7:21 pm by osmx

May Update


This will be a short email this month as no new openings have occurred in
La Paz lately.  There are lots of stories and speculation going on as far as new developments but so far nothing for certain.

A new development opened in Los Cabos with a view of the bay.  These homes are nicely decorated and suitable for younger persons.   Because of all the steps to enter and all bedrooms upstairs, it is not really good for retirees with bad knees, backs, etc.  It is difficult to get the developers here to design a home with easy access and with a master bedroom and bath on the first floor.  One developer’s homes even have the laundry room with washer & dryer on the second floor.  Eventually they will get the message that they have to improve their home designs to accommodate the older buyers.

They have opened branches of HSBC and Banamex banks across from Soriana’s at Plaza La Paz.  That will be a good addition for the people in that part of town.

We have had a few holidays here lately with Easter, May 1st
La Paz’s birthday May 3, and Cinco de Mayo  on Friday.

Don’t forget Mothers Day and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.




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