July 31, 2006


Posted in Newsletter at 7:42 pm by osmx


Not much happening here at the moment.  It has been warm, about 100 degrees or so lately.  Various summer activities at the beaches, family outings, fishing tournaments etc.  Many people out walking evenings on the Malecon, catching the beautiful sunsets of La paz or enjoying an ice cream, coffee or pizza.  On Saturday’s the students from the university provide for a couple of hours of various types of music, folk dances etc.

School vacations will finish about the end of the month.  Everyone will be shopping for school uniforms and school supplies.  The stores are all stocked up for the rush.

We had a couple days of rain last week.  Some of it came over from the mainland.  The rest was spin-off from a storm that came up the coast.  The nearly 2 inches of rain was about one third of our annual rainfall here in La Paz.

Progress is still moving along on the various developer projects.  Costa Baja will have more units available soon.  Privada La Posada phase II is under construction and five units have already been sold.  Another new deluxe and exclusive project called Playa La Paz is to start construction about October.  It is situated just past La Concha hotel and the aquairium.  Pre-construction reservations are available.  Prices start at about $700,000 up to $1,200,000 for a 4000 squqre foot plus penthouse.  All with views of the bay.  A little more information is on my web site at http://osmx.com   Marina Sur is busy building more homes near the water out near the road to the airport.  In the Los Barrlies area are the beautiful colonial style homes with a view of the Sea of Cortez.  Villas Pacifica units are about $325,000.

Just a reminder that Conficasa International has more mortgage loan programs than anyone else to help you acquire your Mexican dream home.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.




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