December 13, 2006

December 2006 Update

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December update 2006




Not a lot going on at this time as everyone is getting ready for the holidays and school vacations.  There are of course the
Posadas (parties) coming up and the Christmas programs at the city theater.  Also this Sunday at Marina de La Paz is the annual subasta (auction) which is a charity fund raiser sponsored by the Club Cruceros for the kids in the poor areas of the city. The boaters support several projects like providing breakfasts at the schools, buying school supplies for the kids and sometimes medical help like hearing aids or glasses.

There are a few more tourists in town as it is getting colder up north.  There are still cruisers here that came down with the Baja HA HA group and we will be getting visitors from mainland
Mexico as the schools and government offices close about the 15th until about mid January.  So not much legal work or title transfers will get done for the next month.  We do have some better loans available as the lenders get more experience in
Mexico they are giving better terms and options.  So if you want financing we have it available.  You can pre-qualify on my we site.   Also on my site are listings of 2 Very Rare to find, beach front homes in
La Paz.

The Baja 1000 off road race finished here in
La Paz last month with a good turn out.  More than half of the starters finished the race.

The Marvia development North of town opened and the lot sales have been brisk with about 100 already sold in phase I.  Paraiso del Mar hosted and informational tour for the local government officials to bring them up to date on their progress.  Maybe they will start construction soon.  A couple condo projects that have not progressed much lately may get revitalized soon.  I think one is still looking for financing.  There has been news of an industrial park opening here as well as a convention center for
La Paz in El Centinario.  Also rumors of redevelopment of the central downtown area.  That would be a big improvement for the city center.  What we need is someone to invest in a couple parking garages.  If someone with managerial and home repair experience would like to move here and start a Property Management  business now is the time. 
La Paz is on the verge of being able to support a good vacation rental business.

The big story today of course is the inauguration of Philippe Calderon as the new president of
Mexico.  The Latin passions run high and the election was very close so there was a lot of tension at the legislature this morning.  Unfortunately for the country the person that lost is a sore looser and is going to make it difficult for the new president to move ahead.

I will be on vacation from the 21st to Jan 4th so I will not be replying to any emails until after I return.  Have a Happy Holiday season.  Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, etc.





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