January 10, 2007

La Paz Update January 2007

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Update January 2007


Sorry about the delay in getting the newsletter out.  While I was on vacation I received a notice of suspected fraud activity on one of my credit cards.  Of course they canceled my card and the chain of events like falling dominos started.  The auto payment for my email newsletter host was denied and my account suspended so I had to re-instate the accounts.  I think I am back to normal again.  Lots of fun.

Not a lot of real estate transactions closed during the holidays as most all the government offices were closed.  We should be up to speed by the end of the month.

Still no building activity on El Mogote for the Paraiso Del Mar project.  Costa Baja is promising new things and more inventory to be released in the near future including a golf course.  Privada La Posada development is working on Phase III, 2 to 4 bedrooms about 1500 sq. ft. about $160,000 USD.  Marina Sur has put up a lot of buildings but sales are slow.  Especially since they increased the prices up to the $200,000 range.  Construction has started on 2 or 3 homes in the Pedregal project that overlooks the La Concha resort and the bay.  Lots are available in Phase III.  Maravia lots North of town are selling well.  The first buyers should be starting construction of their homes most anytime now.

That about does it for this month.  Enjoy your MLK holiday the 15th.