February 2, 2007

La Paz update February 2007

Posted in Newsletter at 7:34 pm by osmx

La Paz update


Brrrrr— It has been unusually cool and windy here lately.  Nothing like the cold weather and ice storms across the states.

All the bad weather may make travel difficult for people trying to get to Florida for the Super Bowl.

There appears to be some activity over on El Mogote.  From my office I can see what looks like several white buildings.  Probably storage for building materials.  So maybe something will happen this year.

Costa Baja is working hard on their expansion projects.  The closing on any new properties is probably two years away.  They are working on some great new plans including a golf course.  The units price range will start at about $600,000 to over $1,000,000.  I hope to have more details by next month.  They are to host our AMPI meeting this month and present their new projects to the professional realtors here in La Paz.

According to a newspaper article this morning the luxury development Playa La Paz is in litigation regarding the transparency of the purchase of the property by the developer.  It should be another interesting story.

The Pearl condo development next to La Concha should start construction soon.  Rumor has it that they have their construction financing.  The units will be on the beach and prices start at about $400,000.

Ocean Oasis, right behind Marina de La Paz has a new price list for their condos and villas.  This is a gated area and the condos start at about $200,000 to $370,000 with the villas $180,000 to$216,000.

The city is continuing with their beautification projects and are sprucing up the median strips on some of the streets.  They are adding palm trees, brick veneer planters and fresh dirt.  Looks very nice all cleaned up.

We have a few more users on our fledging La Paz MLS.  Check it out during your search for properties in the La Paz area.  http://www.lapazmls.com

Check out my web site and the LINKS page for information about buying property in Mexico.  Lots of helpful info.  http://osmx.com

Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day when we find out how many more days of winter we are going to have.

Carnaval should be this month but I have not seen any published dates for it.

Lots of activities this month with Ground Hogs Day, Presidents Day holiday, the Super Bowl, Chinese New Year, and DON’T forget your LOVE on Valentines Day.  Monday 5 February is a holiday here and the 24th is Dia de Bandera (Flag Day).

Enjoy the month.




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