November 1, 2007

La Paz Update November 2007

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La Paz Update November 2007


We are starting to get a little more activity here now that the weather has cooled down a bit.

The La Posada Privada development has only 12 units remaining for sale.  About 1500 sq. ft. and priced around $200,000 USD depending on a couple options that are available.  If this is in your price range and you will be coming to La Paz soon contact me for more information.

Paraiso Del Mar construction is now becoming visable from the Malecon with the second condo unit about 2/3rds completed and about 90 homes under construction.  If you are interested in a condo, building “S” is now available for sale.  Log in on my web site and use CODE TH0036 to get the latest info. 

Condo units can now be reserved  in the beach front Grand Baja.  Priced from About $225,000 to $450,000 USD. 

New types of construction have finally made their way to La Paz.  Steel 2×4 & 2x6s and drywall is now an option.  Also IFC (Insulating Foam & Concete)  This is being used in individual homes and in a new Luxury beach front condo building.  Meets all U.S. codes and Green requirements.  Hurricane and earthquake resistant.  If you would like to build your IFC dream home let me know and I can put you in touch with the local builder.

Colina Del Sol La Paz has one, 1 bedroom condo remaining for sale.  About $201,000 USD.  Colina Del Sol Los Barriles is moving ahead rapidly with their infrastructure.  The on site sales office is finished.  It is surrounded by a botanical garden with different plant species from within the development.  The Casa Del Sol model is 70% completed and the community center with swimming pool is under construction.  The water treatment plant is completed..  The fresh water and grey water tanks are nearly finished.  The stone roads are being laid from the rotunda to the sales office.

We have a new book store just off the Malecon.  Books and materials are all in English.

November starts off here as a holiday. Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead)  The first and 2nd are days to remember and respect the dead.  Altars are built and the graves are adorned with photos of the departed, candles, food and drink for their spirits.  Do a Google search and learn about this interesting custom.  November 20th is the Mexican Revolution holiday.  For the states don’t forget the DST change on the 4th.  We did ours last week.

Don’t forget our Veterans on the 11 and of course Thanksgiving on the 22.

For help in finding your retirement dream property contact me and for information about buying property in Mexico check out my web site and Links page.