May 1, 2008

La Paz Update May 2008 Revised

Posted in Newsletter at 8:07 pm by osmx


Sorry about the re-issue I dropped a 0 in the newsletter link.

May is here already with lots of happenings during the month.  We are having great weather here.  Sunny and in the mid 90’s

To start with today May Day is a holiday with parades for Labor Day.  Then follows the City of La Paz birthday on the 3rd, followed by Cinco de Mayo
holiday on the 5th.  A bigger holiday in the states than here in Mexico. Followed by Mothers Day on the 10th in Mexico and the 11th in the states. Victoria Day in Canada on the 19th and Memorial Day on Monday the 26th, which is the start of the vacation season. Plus there are many days of note around the world in May.
The La Paz building projects are in full swing with several new business places already open.
I have been working on a new newsletter of which the first issue can be viewed at  It will open in your PDF reader.
Please check it out.  The next issue will be in a week or so and about monthly there-after

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