July 7, 2008

Service For Life Newsletter

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Did You Know That Coca-Cola

Was Originally GREEN?



July 2, 2008



Dear Friends and Subscribers


              It’s true. The original Coke was actually green!  That’s just one of the strange yet entertaining tidbits of trivia you’ll find in my latest Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter.  Plus, there’s more in store for you today.  But first…


            Here’s what’s new in the world of real estate in La Paz: 


The real estate market activity during this past month seems to be a little slow here in La Paz, but that is normal for this time of the year.  So far the financial crunch in the states has not affected the  interest of buyers for property in Mexico.  The interest from Canada is strong also as the Canadian dollar is still doing well in the money markets.  Our local Multiple Listing Service, covers all of Baja but the locals have yet to learn the value of using it.  It is a slow process in trying to teach them to be professionals.  We hope to generate more use in Baja Sur from the Loreto, Todos Santos and Los Barriles areas.  Cabo San Lucas has spent thousands on about 3 different  systems and they still don’t have a good functional system so perhaps we will get some users from Cabo also.   Potential buyers shouldn’t wait.  With a strong buyers market, combined with nearly all-time low mortgage rates for Mexico, now’s the time to get a great deal on your dream home. 


            Finally, I want you to know, that you may call me for any reason.  And please let me know if a friend, family member or neighbor needs a real estate professional in Mexico to help in buying or selling.


            I truly appreciate your friendship and referrals.  Enjoy your issue!


Warmest regards,



Gordon G. Herpst

Omni Services S.A. de C.V.

Your Buyer’s Broker in La Paz

La Paz direct 1-702-425-6048



P.S.   Do you know the sinking feeling of having your car break-down at a busy intersection?  In this issue I’ve given you a helpful 10-step checklist for keeping your car in tip-top shape.  Check it out…


DO TO BEING UNABLE TO COPY & PASTE FORMATTED WORD OR PDF FILES INTO THIS BLOG PLEASE GO TO http://osmx.com/scan0001.pdf to read the rest of the newsletter. 


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