April 14, 2009

Service For Life Newsletter-La Paz Update April 2009

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Are Your Energy Costs

Out Of Control?


April 2, 2009




Dear Subscriber


            Most of us just have to “grin and bare” high energy costs.  But did you know there are quick and easy things you can do to reduce your energy bill by up to 40%?  Annualized, that’s a lot of money!   In this month’s issue of my Service For Life! ® free consumer newsletter, I’ve highlighted eight ways you can begin reducing your energy bill starting TODAY!   Plus, I’ve included helpful information about Hepatitis C, zapping telemarketers, and more.  But first, here’s a quick overview of our local real estate market…


            With a buyers market, combined with nearly all-time low mortgage rates, now’s the time to get a great deal on your dream home.  And there’s never been a better time to buy your Dream Vacation home in Mexico.


            Properties are still moving here, although a bit slower than usual.  The developers are still building their pre-sold units and working on the golf courses.  Now is a good time to buy at pre-construction or pre-opening prices.


             Please let me know if a friend, family member or neighbor needs a real estate professional to help in buying or selling a property in Mexico..


            I appreciate your friendship and referrals.  Enjoy your issue!





Gordon G. Herpst

Omni Services S.A. de C.V.


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