December 12, 2009

Service For Life Newsletter-La Paz Update Dec. 2009

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Service For Life! ®
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Inside This Issue…
How To Complain Effectively
These Credit Card Changes Will Protect Your Teen
Use It Or Lose It: Making The Most Of Gift Cards
Trivia Challenge:
Real Estate Q&A: What Are “Walkability” Scores?…

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Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to my very first ‘online’ issue of Service For Life! ® I hope you enjoy my informative and entertaining articles, anecdotes, tips and jokes. You can read about how to get the most for your money with Gift Cards in today’s Service For Life! Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter. I hope that this program works better than the previous ones.

Here’s what’s happening in La Paz, The Christmas parties have started and the government agencies, Notarios, schools etc. will start closing down about the 15th and will reopen starting about the 10th to 15th of January. Sooo, not much real estate will be closing until next year. The new Home Depot is now open in La Paz. We are gradually getting more services available here.
If you have a friend, family member or neighbor that needs a real estate professional to help with buying or selling property in the La Paz area, please let me know..

To health, success and laughter in your life!
Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Gordon G. Herpst, REALTOR®
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How To Complain Effectively
The customer may always be right, but sometimes you have to convince companies that it’s true. If you think you’ve encountered bad service, you not only have a right to complain, you have a responsibility. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Decide what you want the company to do. Will you be satisfied with a refund, a credit, a repaired product or a replacement?

Contact the seller as soon as possible. Talking to a customer service representative can solve many problems. Be ready with details and documentation. Be assertive yet calm (not threatening!) as you explain your position. Keep going up the ladder until you reach someone in a position of authority.

If the issue is not resolved, write a letter to the seller’s national headquarters or the manufacturer of the item. Do your research since the manufacturer is often different than the brand name.

If you are not satisfied (after a reasonable amount of time), file a complaint with a third party. In addition to complaining to the Better Business Bureau and your state consumer protection office, take your issue to the state or federal agency that regulates that particular business. You might also get help from a trade association or the local news media.

If all else fails, consider filing a small claims suit or pursuing a dispute resolution program. You can get a directory of programs, including mediation, arbitration and conciliation, from the American Bar Association.
For more information, consult the “2009 Consumer Action Handbook” a free 172-page guide from the General Service Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Communication. You can order the handbook, which contains a directory of several hundred companies and a sample complaint letter, or download it at

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Feeling Scrunched In Your Current Home?
Maybe you just need a change of location for your vacations or perhaps you are ready for retirement. I can help you find your DREAM vacation or retirement home here in the La Paz area. Homes or condos, Bay views, gated areas, golf course etc. It’s easier than you think. Send me an email with your requirements.
These Credit Card Changes Will Protect Your Teen
Has your teenager or college student been tempted by credit card solicitations? The Credit Card Act of 2009 will put an end to that. Effective February 22, 2010, these new rules will limit marketing and issuing credit cards to young people:

Companies will not be allowed to issue a credit card to a consumer younger than 21 unless he or she has a co-signer over 21 or can show proof that they have the means to repay the card debt.

Pre-screened credit offers must not be sent to anyone under 21.

Companies are banned from offering gifts (such as pizzas or t-shirts) to induce college students to apply for credit cards on or near campus.

Colleges, universities and alumni organizations will have to annually disclose the terms of any marketing or promotional agreements they make with credit card companies.? Additionally, Congress urges colleges to require that students receive credit and debt management courses as a part of new student orientation.

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Just across the road from Sam’s club, Wal – Mart and VIPS restaurant. (VIPS is similar to Denny’s)

This will be a great help for those building or remodeling their dream homes.
The golf course is now open. They are now offering a greens fee discount to my clients so let me know when you will be here. From my web site you can access their site for the latest info. Go to the Homes In Mexico page and select Paraiso del Mar, log on with the code TH0036 Enjoy!

Use It Or Lose It: Making The Most Of Gift Cards
Chances are you’ll give or receive at least one gift card over the holidays, but there’s more to buying and redeeming them than you think. Follow these tips to get the most for your money.

If you’re purchasing one…
Only buy cards that clearly state the cost, monthly fees and expiration date.
Include your purchase receipt with the gift card in case the recipient has problems with it.
If you’re using one…
Know what you have. Is it a store card or bank card? Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) are popular but they come with fees and terms. If you receive a bank card, register it online so you can get a replacement if it’s lost or stolen. (You’ll need to report it right away.)

Use the total value of the card within six months. You’ll avoid fees and the possibility of the store going out of business.

Try to use the card at stores that accept split payments (part card, part cash). While most large chain stores do, some stores don’t. The Consumer Federation of America says 10 percent of the value of bank cards is never used.

Keep track of your balance (the store may be able to tell you). It’s easy to forget you have money left on the card. Any unused amount only benefits the store or bank.
There’s good news: Effective August 2010, a new law requires cards to be active for at least five years and prohibits companies from charging fees if gift cards are used within the past 12 months.

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Trivia Challenge for the Month…

Who was the first host of Saturday Night Live
when it debuted on October 11, 1975?
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Billy Crystal
Candice Bergen

Answer will be in next Months newsletter.

If you are thinking about buying property in Mexico this book is a MUST READ! ORDER YOUR ONLINE E-BOOK HERE.
This book will help you avoid the pit-falls many people experience when buying property in Mexico. Have a joyful and happy time enjoying your DREAM home. Miss all the frustration and delays.

Real Estate Q&A…
Q. What Are “Walkability” Scores?

A. CEOs For Cities, a national network of urban leaders, commissioned a study released in August 2009 that explored the relationship between home values and walkability in various U.S. metropolitan areas.

Walkability is defined by the Walk Score algorithm, which calculates the closest amenities to a U.S. address. Scores range from 0 (car dependent) to 100 (most walkable).

The results showed that the walkability of cities translated into increased home values in 13 of the 15 housing markets studied. In the typical metropolitan area, a one-point increase in Walk Score was associated with an increase in value ranging from $700 to $3,000 depending on the market. The gains were larger in more dense, urban areas like Chicago and San Francisco and smaller in less dense markets like Tucson and Fresno.

Walk Score is an approximation. It does not consider factors such as public transit, crime and topography. Lots of real estate agents, however, are adding the Walk Score to their listings.

(Great info if you are buying or selling in the states, but not meaningful
in Mexico at this time.)

If you have any questions, or need capable and trustworthy representation, in La Paz, please email me at

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