March 11, 2010

El Comitan Casa Terra Cotta

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Great property send me an email if interested in this beach community casa.


March 8, 2010

Casa Serena For Sale

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See video on link below.  Email me to see the home.

Great home in a beach community.  3 Bedrooms, 3 bath


March 2, 2010


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Lots of events in the month of February, art show of leaded glass, pencil drawings and paintings.  Carnaval closed the 21st with the childrens parade of floats, a couple of local concerts including the guitar and violin duo of Miguel De Hoyos and Alex DePue.  Good music.


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Today’s Brain Teaser . . .

At what point on the thermometer do the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales converge? (answer below)

Learn Almost Anything Online For FREE

You don’t have to payfor a college degree program to learn over the internet. Whether you want to fix a leaky faucet, speak Chinese, or listen to a lecture on world history, there’s plenty of educational material available for free. Here are some good places to start (and some you might not have thought of):

  • YouTube. It’s not just for funny videos any more. You can find tutorials on sports and home improvement as well as how to do the moonwalk! YouTube also has an education channel where you can view content from universities and other institutions. Go to and click on a category from Business to Social Science.
  • The History Channel. On their site at you’ll find videos on such subjects as the Civil War, Great Inventions and Space Exploration. Check out the videos under “Topics” and “Great Speeches.”
  • Go here for videos on math, science, social studies and more that you can use to help kids with their homework.
  • University of California-Berkeley. Go to to download hundreds of video or audio courses and on-campus lectures.
  • The BBC. Visit to study everything from Italian to Chinese. Taking a trip? Learn essential phrases in 36 languages.
  • Watch lectures on subjects from Computer Science to Mathematics and Law given by professors from universities such as Harvard, MIT, and UCLA.
  • This site is a guide to thousands of hours of the latest educational content on the web. Readers will be especially interested in the section on free e-books you can read on your computer.

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Feeling Like Retireing?

Maybe you just got tired of shoveling snow and you need a little warm sunshine.  Or maybe you just need a positive change in your environment. Either way, I can help.  I can help you find the perfect home or condo in La Paz.  It’s easier than you think. Just send me an email by clicking here, or call me at: 52 (612) 123-4888. My promise: there’s never any pressure or hassle – I’m here to help!

SF-MM-eBook2-4.jpg        click the link below to order: Http://
Protect Yourself: How Credit Card Changes Affect YOU . . .

The new rules for credit card companies that mean more consumer protection went into effect on Feb. 22, 2010. Here’s what they mean for you:

Your credit card company has to tell you:

  • When they’re increasing your rate or other fees, giving you 45 days notice. Also, they can’t raise the interest rate on an existing balance unless you’re more than 60 days late with a payment. And they can’t increase your rate for the first 12 months after you open an account (with some exceptions).
  • How long it will take to pay off your balance. It will say on your bill how long it will take if you only make minimum payments, and how much you’d need to pay each month to pay off your balance in three years.

Monitor your cards closely and follow these tips to protect yourself:

  • Pay on time. Companies are required to mail or deliver your bill at least 21 days (instead of 14) before your payment is due. Plan accordingly.
  • Stay below your credit limit. You will, however, be given the choice to “opt-in” to over-the-limit transactions. If you opt-in and go over your limit, your credit card company can impose only one fee per billing cycle.
  • Try to make more than the minimum payment. You’ll pay less interest in the long run.
  • Shop for the best deal. Don’t forget to check out local banks or credit unions when you’re looking for a card with the best rate.
  • Read your mail. They may give you 45 days notice on a rate change, but you won’t know if you don’t open the envelope if it looks like junk mail.

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Did You Know?
Angeles International Provides Private
affordable health care in Mexico.

For medical and surgical care out of the U.S. or Canada, Angleles Health International is the innovative medical travel division of the largest private hospital network in Mexico. They have twenty hospitals,11,000 specialists and have treated over 4000 medical travelers from around the world.  They are investing $700,000,000 in the next three years to build an additional 15 hospitals in Mexico.  They have treated patients in the areas of bariatric surgery, orthopedics, cardiology and organ transplants, plus regular check ups, vision and dental care.

They are located in 5 cities.  Different hospitals specialize in different kinds of procedures and when you advise them of what procedure you need they will advise you  about which hospital and destination is best for you.
For no obligation quotes call toll free from the
United States or Canada
TOLL FREE       866-668-9263  866-668-9263     866-668-9263  866-668-9263
Fun Facts and Laughs . . .

Do You Know These Real Names of Celebrities? . . .

  • John Stewart– Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
  • Ralph Lauren– Ralph Lifshitz
  • Bob Dylan – Robert Zimmerman
  • Elton John – Reginald Dwight
  • Hannah Montana– Destiny Hope Miley Cyrus
  • Ringo Starr – Richard Starkey

Things Actually Auctioned on eBay . . .

  • A piece of French toast Justin Timberlake took a bite of.
  • Thirty days of ad space on a man’s forehead.
  • A cornflake in the shape of the state of Illinois.
  • A man’s liver (until eBay canceled the auction).
  • A month of “friendship” (emails, phone calls every week).
  • A Gulfstream private jet.

Have A Laugh . . .

A man’s son sat down in the driver’s seat in anticipation of his driving lesson. “The first thing you should do is make adjustments so you feel ready to drive,” the father said. “What’s the first thing you think you should do?” he asked.

“Change the radio station,” his son said.

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Trivia Challenge for the Month…
 Last month’s question.
Which of the following is a new medal event at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?

a) Women’s hockey  b) Ski Cross (men’s and women’s)
c) Biathlon mixed relay  d) Women’s ski jumping

The answer is b) Ski Cross (men’s and women’s).

So, let’s move on to this month’s trivia question:

Who was the top touring act (live concerts) of the decade 2000-2009?
a. Bon Jovi
b. Madonna
c. The Rolling Stones
d. U2

Brain Teaser Answer:

Fahrenheit and Celsius converge at minus 40 degrees.

Real Estate Corner:
Not Really a good way to go.  So use caution and check the numbers.  You could run out of cash flow before you depart this earth!
Q.  What changes have been made to laws on reverse mortgages?
A. First, a reverse mortgage is a loan that lets homeowners (age 62 or older) convert the equity in their homes into cash. The equity can be paid to the homeowners in a lump sum, a stream of payments, or as a supplement to Social Security or other retirement funds. No payment is required until the borrower no longer uses the home as their principal residence.

Here are the key changes to the laws involving reverse mortgages according to the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008:

  • The loan limit has been increased from $362,790 (depending on home values in the region) to a nationwide limit of $417,000, and that can increase to as much as $652,500 in high-cost areas.
  • Fees are now capped at 2 percent of the first $200,000 borrowed and 1 percent on the balance, with a maximum of $6,000. To protect seniors from aggressive marketing tactics, the law prevents lenders from requiring borrowers to purchase insurance, annuities or other products as a condition for getting the mortgage.

While these changes have made the mortgages more attractive, they aren’t for everyone. You should do your homework and talk with a loan counselor.

We have financing available here in Mexico for foreign buyers.  Fairly standard  adjustable rate and fixed rate to 30 years and reasonable rates for forign investments.

We have several great properties available at good prices.  One on the Malecon, a couple on the beach in EL Comitan and a great house in El Centinario.  Come on down and take a look.  email me at

If you have any questions, or need capable and trustworthy representation, please email me at
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